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Competition Updates

Here are a few changes we're making to this year's competition:

  • Improved judge calibration. While we don't want the same feedback from all judges, we will be improving our scoring guidelines, adding written comment guidelines, and sending the judges some calibration samples to help them provide better feedback.

  • We will replace the Balance category with a Quality category. This will be based on balance, length, intensity, and complexity, as well as readiness to drink (especially for aged spirits). We believe this will provide an easier to score and more nuanced feedback than just balance.

  • We've added an "Optional Info" field for your product registration. I felt that some of the categories may have left the judges guessing (especially broad categories like "Liqueur", so this will allow you to add an extra level of detail which will be passed on.

  • Addition of a "Distinction" note for medals - if you score the same result the second year in a row, your medal will be awarded with Distinction. This indicates consistent quality in your part.

  • Overall improved timelines for written feedback and medal distribution.

  • Improved stickers - more legible, and more sticky!


Registration is Open Until September 21, 2018

 Entries: 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9 10 11+
 Per spirit (early bird) 149.99 ea 124.99 ea 99.99 ea free 99.99 ea

For example, if you enter five spirits, you'll pay (149.99x3) + (124.99x2) = 699.95 (not including tax). If you enter nine spirits, the 10th is free.

Registration Steps

  1. Confirm your eligibility under our Artisan Distillery & Product Qualifications (below)

  2. Review our Terms & Conditions

  3. Register your distillery

  4. Register your spirits

  5. Send us your products - CASC requires AT LEAST 750ml of product (1x 750, 2x375, or 2x500).


  • Timeline

  • August 1-24 - early bird registration

  • September 21 - registration ends

  • September 27 - all products must be received

  • October - December - judging takes place

  • Early February - results are announced

Artisan Distillery & Product Qualifications

  • Original Product: The product must have been distilled and bottled by the original producer, i.e. it cannot be a rebranded or white label product. The distillery must own the brand.

    • If a product is branded differently from the distillery, the distillery must own the brand. The distillery cannot pour products it produces for a person or company under a different brand.

  • Small Scale: The distillery’s sales cannot exceed 100,000 litres of absolute ethyl alcohol per year.

  • Independent Producer: The distillery must be owned and operated independently of other distilleries. If any owner (person, company, or other legal entity) of a distillery with a 10% or greater stake in the company has a 10% or greater stake in one or more other distilleries, the distilleries will be considered a single entity for the purposes of evaluating if those distilleries meet the Small Scale qualification.

    • Examples: (1) If a party owns 25% of Distillery A with 90,000L of sales, and 15% Distillery B with 15,000L of sales, both distilleries will be counted together as having a sales total of 105,000L and both Distilleries A and B will be excluded. (2) If a party owns 10% of Distillery A with 200,000L in sales, and 10% of Distillery B with 10,000L, Distillery A will be excluded under the Small Scale rule, and Distillery B will be excluded under the Independently Produced and Small Scale rules.

  • Artisan Production: The distillery applies its own techniques to ferment, blend, infuse or age its products - products must be distilled or re-distilled by the distillery. Neutral Grain Spirit is allowed with technique applied (it must be redistilled). Examples of techniques which would disqualify a product include: (1) blending purchased spirits with water and adding favouring and/or colouring without redistilling, or (2) purchasing spirits to barrel age or mix with other distillery product.

Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are between the BC Distilled Media, Ltd. operating as Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition ("CASC") and the registering distillery ("Registrant")

  1. The Registrant confirms that the distillery and products meet the Artisan Distillery & Product Qualifications as outlined at the top of this page. If a distillery is found to have misrepresented itself after entering the competition, it will be disqualified with no refund. If awards have been granted they will be withdrawn.

  2. The Registrant agrees to provide documentation to support any of the Artisan Distillery & Product Qualifications if requested.

  3. If the Registrant fails to produce documentation, or if the documentation does not provide sufficient evidence in the judgement of CASC, CASC reserves the right to remove one or all of the Registrant's spirits from competition. No refunds will be given, and no products will be returned.

  4. The Registrant agrees to send all products to the address provided by CASC at their own expense.

  5. CASC accepts no liability for any samples damaged or lost during delivery and may request a replacement at the Registrant's expense.

  6. If a product or products do not arrive by the deadline, they will not be judged, and no refund will be issued.

  7. Awards will be granted on a merit basis. No awards will be granted when a product does not meet the minimum standards set out by CASC as evaluated by the judges. Participation does not guarantee an award.

  8. CASC & BC Distilled, Ltd. reserve the right to photograph any products entered, and use and/or distribute the images in its own or other media (e.g. media partners). Bottles will be photographed as is.

  9. CASC reserves the right to modify the categories, or change the category a product is submitted it at its own discretion and without notice.

  10. The Registrant allows CASC to distribute their distillery name, product names and details, and distillery contact information (e.g. website, social media, address).

  11. Advance notice of some awards may be given to Registrants. The Registrant agrees to keep this information confidential and understands that an award may be withdrawn if that confidentiality is broken.

  12. Entry fees are non-refundable.

  13. CASC requires 750ml for each spirit entered. Each sample becomes the property of CASC and will not be returned.

CASC's Commitment

  1. All spirits will be distributed to judges in numbered sample bottles. Judges will receive the only the following information: (1) mash bill/base sprit, (2) ABV, (3) spirit type (with additional details if provided), and (4) age statement if applicable.

  2. Registrants will receive summary feedback from the judges for each product entered.

  3. Registrants who receive awards will be provided with (1) one medal, (2) access to digital images of the medal, (3) the opportunity to purchase label stickers.

  4. CASC will make every effort to ensure media publication of winners in every region of the country, either through paid or editorial content, but cannot guarantee the exact nature of that publication in advance.

Distillery Registration (STEP 1 of 3)